Viswasai Educational Academy


A word from the directors

“The establishment of the Viswasai Educational Academy for Competitive & Higher Education is driven by our deeply rooted beliefs and unwavering convictions. These principles have been cultivated through over three decades of invaluable teaching and administrative experience.

Our founders, Dr. N. Satyanarayana, with more than 25 years of dedicated teaching expertise, and Sri G. Krishna Mohan, bring a wealth of operational knowledge to the institution. This synergy guarantees a highly focused and productive educational environment for our students.

Throughout the past thirty years, Dr. N. Satyanarayana has played pivotal roles in various educational institutions, spanning both the government and corporate sectors. He is widely recognized as a highly successful and respected educator as well as a revered educational administrator. This extensive experience serves as the foundation upon which we build the future of education at Viswasai Educational Academy.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide affordable, high-quality education to every student through our traditional and innovative approach. Our commitment is to ensure that talented and committed individuals lead this transformation, with a deep-rooted love for educating children at the core of our vision.

Our Mission

Embracing the Uniqueness of Every Student! Our mission is to nurture and empower every student, regardless of their abilities, with tailored care and our innovative pedagogy. We aim to prepare our students not only to excel in exams but also to thrive in their careers and lives, fostering their individuality and potential.