Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to Society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world. We have found an approach to enhance the student's understanding of the concepts in a "Stress Free" manner, but also helps them in increasing their confidence levels through peer interactions.

Five Step Programme

A unique five step programme of VSES has helped several students to get the best marks and ranks both in IPE and all Competitive Exams

Step 1: Concept based class room learning
A student learns major part of the lesson in classroom in stress free environment

Step 2: Thorough Text book reading
VSES encourages students to read text books throughly.It helps to answer all types of Questions

Step 3: Unique Study package
Material for IPE and competitive exam is prepared.Assignments given are throught provoking and stimulate logical thinking.

Step 4: Descriptive Exams
As due importance is given to IPE, every week two descrptive exams are conducted Guidelines are given to students for improvement.

Step 5: Competitive Exams
VSES is ready to make students face any type of examinations like EAMCET with Confidance.Necessary changes are made in time in conducting competitive exams according to the decisions taken by concerned authorities.

Courses Offered

  • BIPC :
    V JAIN ALPHA A/C Class Room (NEET)
    ALPHA A/C Class Room (NEET)
    BEETA A/C Class Room
    IC – Batch (EAMCET)

  • MPC :
    V-JOI [JEE Main-ADVANCED] A/C Class Room,
    JOI [JEE Main-ADVANCED] A/C Class Room
    IC-Batch [EAMCET]

    L.T- V JAIN ALPHA – A/C Class Room
    L.T- ALPHA – A/C Class Room

    Intensive Coaching Batches
  • Bi.P.C., EAMCET
  • M.P.C - EAMCET